• Great Online Shopping Festival

    With more than 200 million online users, many of which access via mobile only, India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and has a huge potential for e-commerce. Since 2012, Google India has promoted the Great Online Shopping Festival to spread online shopping. Similar to Black Friday, it is a 3-day initiative promoting exclusive deals and unmatched offers to push for e-commerce and convert people from online research to purchase. 4 million people visited gosf.in during the campaign period. 1+ million gameplays. 8 million visits in the three festival days only, more than 4 times compared to last year’s edition. (Source Google) 350+ press and media mentions about the website and festival with an overwhelming positive response.
  • Disneyland Diamond Celebration

    Art Direction and graphic design. Disney wanted us to create an online platform for them to be able to share the Disneyland 60th anniversary story in a innovative way that honors their rich heritage but at the same is forward looking – inspiring Guests to visit, Partners to engage and Cast to be excited about delivering the celebration to their Guests. https://diamond.disneyland.disney.go.com/
  • The Hobbit

    “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” was one of Warner’s most important theatrical movie release for 2013.

    By showcasing the incredible world and the characters of the film one goal was to increase awareness and genuine excitement among movie-goers.

    Also, by showcasing the new capabilities of the Chrome platform in a cutting-edge mobile first experience, we inspired developers around the world to continue innovating on the web and contribute in making the web into a better place to be.

  • Build With Chrome

    Forget the plastic bins of bricks. Build with Chrome is a digital builder that allows you to build with LEGO bricks anywhere in the world right in your browser on your computer, phone and tablet.
  • Adidas Screen Calender

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  • North Kingdom Website

    Graphic design
  • Caught By Umeå

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  • Disney Fantasyland

    The main purpose for the launch was to highlight the new expansion and to attract visitors by telling the story of the New Fantasyland. The website contains all the necessary information about the attractions and easy access to buy tickets.  The experience takes the user through the New Fantasyland in a quest for releasing a curse that since long was laid on the park rendering it invisible. For ages the park has been there waiting for its savior and that savior is the user. Upon initial arrival, Fantasyland gives quick access to attractions. This rational layer is valuable for user’s to quickly assess what level of amenities provided while simultaneously assisting users with information on how they can find more details on DisneyWorld.com.

  • Paranorman

  • Battle Of The Cheetos

    In collaboration with Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, we developed an unusual online game for Cheetos. A food fight taking place on websites all across the internet making the Cheetos products come to life. North Kingdom was responsible for refining an early creative concept, doing the technical development and execution. This called for the expertise of our in-house talents in storytelling, design, user experience design, 3D, animation and programming together with some external partners.
  • Older Projects

    Svenska Spel, Puma, Coca Cola Zero, Absolut Vodka, Vodafone, Mentos, Toyota, Kalles Kaviar
  • Clients

    Here are some of the clients i've been working with over the years.